Getting Started

In this section, we provide answers to common questions. Learn how to get set up on Moments and how the site works.

Yes! We have partnered with Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world, to assure our buyers transparent and secure bidding and purchasing experiences.

You can log in to our Moments marketplace using either Metamask or WalletConnect and start bidding on NFTs that are minted on Opensea as an NFT collection. Your bids get automatically synced to the original auction on Opensea - you never even have to leave the Moments website.

Alternatively, you can also use the Opensea link and bid there - it doesn't matter as all bids on Moments and Opensea are synced in real-time. Enjoy your secure, transparent, and fair bidding experience with Moments!

We sell unique NFT Moments through a 7-day Auction. Collectors can sign up to our Newsletter to be notified when a new drop is going live on Moments. All drops start with a minimum starting bid and the final price is determined by the highest bid before the auction runs out of time.

Auctions require you to have verified funds on Moments. We support the most widely adopted Crypto Wallets like MetaMask and WalletConnect. You can pay for an auction using the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). In an auction, you may make bids up to your maximum bid amount. Each bid is final and cannot be canceled.

Moments drops its unique historic digital collectibles in the form of a Multiverse NFT.

It consists of three separate NFTs and a lifestyle perk. The first NFT is a licensed digital video moment featuring Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan for one of the most intense bluffs in poker history. The second NFT is minted inside the Decentraland metaverse. This NFT will be transferred to the collector and gives them the right to wear and trade the virtual NFT sneaker. The third NFT is a sneaker-DNA-storyboard, exclusively designed by The Surgeon. It tells the story of the sneaker, from conception to finalization. The lifestyle perk can only be redeemed in person and our Moments concierge team will work with the collector to arrange the unforgettable High Stakes meeting in Las Vegas with Phil Ivey within three months of purchasing the NFT. The redemption period will be listed on the Moments page and in your confirmation email.

For all auctions, Moments currently supports Ether (ETH). We will be adding more cryptocurrencies in the future. We support major crypto wallets like MetaMask and WalletConnect. In order to participate in a Moments auction, you must have your proof of funds verified by adding them inside your crypto wallet.

Currently, all Moments NFTs use the ERC-721 non-fungible token standard.

You can reach us by sending us an email to [email protected]. Our business hours are between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm PST.

Press Inquiries - [email protected]
Business Inquiries - [email protected]
Concierge Support - [email protected]

Yes, upon receiving your NFT in your personal wallet you will be able to take it to any other platforms that support the ERC-721 token standard. Our Moments marketplace will launch later this year, allowing users to buy and sell previous Multiverse NFTs as well as trading other Moments NFT collectibles.

When you purchase an NFT Moment via auction on Moments, the NFT will be transferred automatically into your crypto wallet of choice - we currently support Metamask and WalletConnect and others will be added over time.

Your Decentraland sneaker is published and minted in this contract. When you win the auction, the sneakers will be transferred into your crypto wallet and will be ready to use.

WETH is a stablecoin of Ethereum (ETH) as they possess the exact same value. It is being used for auctions so it allows users to place a bid in advance and get it automatically accepted. Learn how easy it is to swap your ETH to WETH here