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Executive Summary

Poker Heroes are 9,999 randomly generated 3D Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art collectibles with exclusive in-game and live poker superpowers, in the form of exclusive poker game benefits and live events access. They offer holders in-game features such as online tournament free rolls, skipping the waitlist for joining celebrity poker tables, and access to exclusive World Poker Tour (WPT) and World Poker Tour Global (WPT Global) live events.

We are leading the charge of revamping the blockchain casino industry and enhancing the player experience through innovative Web3 technologies. Our goal is to enable players around the world to enjoy the beautiful game of poker and let them access it in new ways.


Poker Heroes Mission

“To elevate players’ gaming experiences by utilizing innovative Web3 technologies to make the beautiful game of poker more accessible and enjoyable.”

who are we?

Who Are The Poker Heroes?

The year 2077. After a breakthrough discovery of a technology that extends life possibilities, the smartest people on Earth found the hidden “GAMAVRS” — the virtual dimension of existence where everybody can transfer their mind to. GAMAVRS is a world built by artificial intelligence. As a result of analyzing billions of bits of data, AI came to the conclusion that people on Earth who don’t play games feel less and less happy each year. Gaming inside the GAMAVRS changes that and brings back joy and a sense of community to the world. The world population can now activate their GAMAVRS NFT avatars and join an inclusive community, play exciting games, and learn from each other. These players are called GAMA Heroes.

The intelligent algorithm scanned many people's preferences to come up with avatars that look like humans, but then some data showed that some people who live amongst us are cyborgs and even gods! This way, in GAMAVRS, three living races are united for one goal to help people express and live their desires and become more happy playing together. You never know which Hero (Humans, Cyborgs, or Gods) you will get from the initial minting phase, but you can always upgrade and get more if you wish to do so on Opensea.


Our Values


We use a provably fair randomization process to compile artwork components to ensure naturally varied rarity. Poker Heroes will be available to be minted at a flat rate of 0.05 ETH without a bonding curve, price tiers, or “access pass” pre-minting. Our Founding Team is not permitted to pre-mint any NFTs and they can’t sell any NFTs within the first year of launching the project. We will not introduce any fusion or ‘burn to earn’ mechanism; we use only publicly audited Open-Zeppelin contracts.


Perks & Access

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has partnered with GAMAVRS for their upcoming launch of the Poker Heroes — the world’s first NFT poker club. Club members will be able to use their Poker Heroes as in-game profile picture avatars with special superpowers such as access to freeroll tournaments, exclusive celebrity tables, and access to WPT live VIP events.

Poker Heroes owners can upload their NFTs as avatars that unlock ‘poker superpowers’ on an exciting, upcoming online poker venue, WPT Global. Once they have been properly verified inside the WPT Global app, the avatar unlocks access to exciting in-game perks, such as:

Play with Steve Aoki: Skip the waitlist and join celebrity poker tables with Steve Aoki, Vince Van Patten, Lynn Gilmartin, Tony Dunst, and many more WPT ambassadors.
$ 100,000 Freerolls: Access to multiple $ 100,000 freeroll tournaments throughout the year.
Million Dollar Giveaways: Spend just $1 for a chance to win millions in poker prize money on WPT Global.
WPT Live VIP Events: Join exclusive WPT live event parties, dinners, and music concerts worldwide. Your NFT will be your entry ticket.
Members Only Club: Join an exclusive global Poker Club limited to 9,999 members. Strategize, learn, get free merchandise swag, and make new friends.

The entire collection of Poker Heroes consists of 9,999 NFT avatars. 8,888 will be minted publicly upon launch in March 2022 with 250 initially being made available for presale minting to reward early supporters. The remainder will be kept for marketing promotions, partner and internal team member allocations.


Traits and Rarities

The 9,999 Poker Heroes are divided into three rarity groups:

Human rarity NFT Avatar


60% of 9,999

$100,000 Freeroll Tournaments
Sponsored Seats for WPT Global
Private Poker Discord Channel
Join exclusive Celebrity Tables
Access to WPT Live VIP Events
God rarity NFT Avatar


30% of 9,999

$100,000 Freeroll Tournaments
Sponsored Seats for WPT Global
Private Poker Discord Channel
Join exclusive Celebrity Tables
Access to WPT Live VIP Events
Cyborgs rarity NFT Avatar


10% of 9,999

$100,000 Freeroll Tournaments
Sponsored Seats for WPT Global
Private Poker Discord Channel
Join exclusive Celebrity Tables
Access to WPT Live VIP Events
Each tier unlocks subsequent perks, with the Gods avatars being the rarest and most valuable in terms of utility.

Previous Collections

Phil Ivey Multiverse NFT sold for 40 ETH

The GAMAVRS team partnered with Poker G.O.A.T ‘Phil Ivey’ and Sneaker Designer ICON ‘The Shoe Surgeon’ in October 2021 to launch the world’s first multiverse NFT. This NFT had three dimensions:


Digital Memorabilia video showing a Triple Barrel Bluff between Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan


A physical Poker sneaker designed by The Shoe Surgeon in collaboration with Phil Ivey himself


A virtual metaverse sneaker that can be worn inside the Decentraland metaverse

During the official launch party on October 30th in Las Vegas, NV the GAMAVRS team gathered 300+ handpicked celebrities and influencers from the gaming and fashion industry to unveil this very first multiverse NFT. The starting bid was $50,000 and the auction closed with a winning bid of 40 ETH, which was equivalent to $200,000 at that time.



The online gambling industry is projected to grow by 12.8% during the forecast period (2021-2024), growing from $465 billion to $525 billion. The opportunity for our community members to capture a portion of this fast-growing market and prove ownership by acquiring a Poker Heroes NFT is unprecedented. The emergence of the metaverse and virtual casinos will add millions of new players to the digital casino industry and unlock billions of new revenue streams.

Poker Heroes will be partnering with a blockchain-based Play-2-Earn game called MetaVegas in 2022 that will allow avatar holders access to the game and cash-based casino games inside MetaVegas. Your Poker Hero avatar is your entry ticket and chance to earn real money by playing casino games inside the metaverse. We are furthermore working on staking functionalities and virtual sports betting features tied exclusively to your avatar. Your poker hero avatar is your universal entry pass to an exciting new frontier of casinos inside the metaverse.

poker heroes club


The global NFT market has currently reached $799 billion, and it continues to grow. Non-Fungible Tokens are easily exchangeable and individually unique digital assets continue to grow exponentially, mainly on the Ethereum blockchain, but other L-2 blockchains such as Polygon and Immutable X are making waves on their own.

poker heroes club

what we’re building

Your avatar is your digital membership key to join an exclusive community full of exciting perks and access

October 2021 | Highest Poker NFT Sale in History

Launch of Project
Phil Ivey NFT sold for 40 ETH

March-July 2022 | Special Edition Mints

3 Special Edition Poker Heroes mints as part of the total 9,999 Avatar supply

Q4 2022 | Launch of P2E Poker Platform

Allowing users from any country to play-to-earn our upcoming ERC-20 token inside our blockchain-based poker platform

Interested in owning your own Poker Hero?

In February, the Poker Heroes team rewards 250 early supporters with limited whitelisting allocations by providing highly engaged community members with significant savings for the upcoming official NFT mint date in March.

You can check out the Gamavrs official website, Discord, and Twitter pages for more updates. Poker Heroes avatars will be available for presale on in late February, and users can expect to see them on Opensea and other major NFT marketplaces upon release.

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