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Integrate your NFT avatar with selected Web3 and Web2 Games and enjoy unmatched perks & access.

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Official Partners

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Team behind the world’s first Multiverse NFT

We partnered with Poker Hall of Famer Phil Ivey and sold the first-ever Multiverse NFT that had three dimensions baked into one unique NFT: A Metaverse Sneaker designed by The Shoe Surgeon, A High-Roller Las Vegas Weekend, and an exclusive Poker History video. We still hold the record for the most expensive Poker NFT ever sold

Web3 meets Web2 Gaming

These NFTs will be directly integrated with the newly launched World Poker Tour Global (WPT Global) platform. Once you have verified your NFT in one of the current 85+ eligible countries, you can start enjoying all the perks and access that come along with it. WPT Global will add more countries over time, but Gamavrs has no control over this.

poker heroes club

Celebs owning a Poker Hero

Many more to join GAMAVRS soon...

poker heroes club

rarity levels

Your avatar comes with a built-in utility. Looks stunning and also gives fantastic perks!



60% of 9,999

$100,000 Freeroll Tournaments
Sponsored Seats for WPT Global
Private Poker Discord Channel
Join exclusive Celebrity Tables
Access to WPT Live VIP Events


30% of 9,999

$100,000 Freeroll Tournaments
Sponsored Seats for WPT Global
Private Poker Discord Channel
Join exclusive Celebrity Tables
Access to WPT Live VIP Events


10% of 9,999

$100,000 Freeroll Tournaments
Sponsored Seats for WPT Global
Private Poker Discord Channel
Join exclusive Celebrity Tables
Access to WPT Live VIP Events
The ability to use the avatars inside the WPTGlobal™ platform for cash games is based on gambling license agreements for each territory; users can find the full list of available countries on the Gamavrs website by mid-February.
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become a Poker Hero with these in-Game powers


poker heroes club

stand out from the crowd

Your avatar allows you to stand out from thousands of other players and show off your unique style. Poker Heroes Club members get to show off their larger and fancier avatars in-game.

Seamless wallet verification ensures that only avatar holders can display their avatars.

poker game in session with people with custom avatar

poker heroes club

what we’re building

Your avatar is your digital membership key to join an exclusive community full of exciting perks and access

October 2021 | Highest Poker NFT Sale in History

Launch of Project
Phil Ivey NFT sold for 40 ETH

March-July 2022 | Special Edition Mints

3 Special Edition Poker Heroes mints as part of the total 9,999 Avatar supply

Q1 2023 | In-game Integration of Avatars

Integration of Avatars with WPT Global app

Q4 2022 | Launch of P2E Poker Platform

Allowing users from any country to play-to-earn our upcoming ERC-20 token inside our blockchain-based poker platform

Poker heroes club


Get your hands on the most beautiful 3D Poker NFTs ever designed

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Iconic Poker Expressions

We've collected some of the coolest poker face expressions like ‘On tilt”, “Stone Cold Nuts” or “Cooler” to make avatars look even more memorable and irresistible.

Popular Poker Accessories

The avatars have a beautiful, futuristic 3D cyber-look and each one carries typical poker-related general clothing and accessories (think hoodies, headphones, and jewelry).

Unique Poker Terms

Custom poker hands identified by their common nicknames (e.g. Speed Limit, Rockets, and Snowmen), and popular words in the poker lexicon built into their outfits as easter eggs.


Looking for Answers?

Do you have any questions? We got the answers.

To save you gas fees, we utilized the L2 Polygon blockchain to make it easier to collect and trade Poker Heroes.
Our Poker Heroes avatars will be available for pre-sale and sale minting on and within our Gama Wallet (launching soon). After they’re fully minted, they can be purchased and traded on Opensea and other major NFT marketplaces.
The Poker Heroes avatars are minted on Polygon (MATIC) can be minted with any Ethereum-based crypto wallet like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Coinbase Wallet. You can mint it on desktop or mobile. Minting is available on and our soon-to-be-launched Gama Wallet.
Hell yes, you can trade them on any secondary marketplace such as OpenSea, which supports the ERC-721 token protocol and the Polygon blockchain.
This isn’t your average avatar PFP project, we’re partnering with the World Poker Tour Global (WPT Global) to grant owners with real in-game superpowers such as access to $100,000 freerolls, VIP access to celebrity tables with Steve Aoki, and other exclusive WPT events. These integrations will start from April 2022 and we’ll update the community on progress and readiness inside Discord and Twitter.
Pre-sale starts from mid-February. Visit our Discord or Twitter to receive the latest updates.
Important: *We will never DM you on Discord* so be careful with scammers.
The collection consists of a total of 9,999 NFT avatars. 250 Poker Heroes avatars will be available for presale minting at a discounted price in mid-February to reward early community supporters. Starting March 1st, 2022, we will release the remaining Poker Hero avatars in three phases. You’ll find more details inside our Discord and Twitter channels.
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